About Velixa

Why Velixa?

Women have myriad choices as to high-end skincare products. Why should

they choose “Velixa”? Our products were inspired by the memory of two starcrossed lovers who were prematurely taken from each other. Delicately

packaged Violet, a sensuous color that accentuates the mystique of our brand.

Velixa products perform as promised. We are honored that are valued customers connect and return to Velixa because they see results.

Advanced Skincare Therapy

Formulated by some of the world’s most esteemed dermatologists, plastic surgeons and skincare experts, Velixa’s unique products blend advanced antiaging technology with powerful antioxidants, peptides and nourishing plant nectars.

Controlled in vivo biometric studies consistently establish that Velixa’s innovative products successfully reduce the appearance of fine facial lines and wrinkles for a more luminous and youthful looking complexion.

About our Products

Velixa offers a broad palette of luxury skincare products. We specialize in
therapeutic formulas that lessen the visible signs of aging and give skin a
vibrant, healthy glow. Velixa products have no harsh or irritating ingredients
and effortlessly complement a woman’s existing skincare regimen without
changing her daily routine.

Many of our specialty products provide effective, non-greasy moisturizing. A variety of our formulas are designed to work exceptionally well under makeup. We also fulfill private orders for dermatologists.

Velixa is a visionary skincare company with an unsurpassed commitment to quality, luxury and the science of facial enhancement.

“As a skin care enthusiast, I've tried some of the

best brands. Velixa is in a class by itself. In the

first week, I could see a diference in the quality

of my skin; it seemed more radiant and (dare I

say!) youthful-looking. I love this product line.”

— Jill S., Chicago IL.

“I work in the skincare industry...The whole line

of Velixa is phenomenal. Fine lines are reduced

and my skin feels firmer with an overall youthful

glow. Highly recommended! ”

— A.P.V., Beverly Hills, CA

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