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a skin care triumph for the ages

VELIXA®, an advanced skin care company headquartered in New York City, launched its Youth Enhancement Series – there latest innovation in skin care science.

The company boasts a unique and inspiring back-story, that includes a compelling and heart-rendering romance between its founder, John Allen Orofino, and a remarkable woman named Velaia, co-creators of the company’s skin-enhancing formulas.

Mr. Orofino met the beautiful Velaia during a chance meeting at a local artist’s cocktail party held in a Venice museum. Together, they focused on the overriding facial concerns shared by women. His vocation soon became her obsession; the two of them fantasized longingly about discovering the Fountain of Youth before unmerciful fate led to her premature demise.

John Allen was determined to create a lasting tribute to Velaia by teaming up with some of the world’s most esteemed dermatologists and plastic surgeons and ultimately, creating a company called VELIXA. The “V” represented Velaia and “elixa” alluded to the elixir of prolonged life.

VELIXA’s unparalleled anti-aging treatments are formulated with patented ingredients designed to reverse the visible signs of aging and provide a healthy glow. It has already earned strong loyalty among women who desire the finest in youthful-looking and radiant skin.

Velixa generates praise from the entertainment industry

As further evidence that each skin solution meets the highest standards of excellence, Velixa’s CEO John Orofino and his team of skin care professionals- treats the most demanding consumers: overworked, overstressed high fashion models, Broadway actors, Lincoln Center performers, top musicians, and other high-profile women. Working backstage, in dressing rooms, spas, resorts and department stores, Mr. Orofino carefully observes results, collects feedback, and makes any necessary refinements.

Velixa’s products represent a masterful blending of anti-oxidants, peptides, amino acids, and many of nature’s luscious plant nectars. Among the other ingredients intermingled in Velixa’s’ exclusive product line are cucumber extract, red tea, rosehip seed and apricot oil.

The initial distribution of VELIXA’s formulas are currently limited to exclusive retail locations such as - The Peninsula Hotel in Beverly Hills California and New York, The Mélange Salon,The Cure, New London Beauty/Pharmacy NYC. (Dec 25th 2013) and Windsor Pharmacy in Manhattan. Moreover, clients can visit the VELIXA online store at www.Velixa.com For public relations contact: Kristy Rao at 1 646- 374- 4960 ext 2 velixa4@gmail.com